Common Resurfacing Issues In Tennis Court

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There can be many challenges that you can come across while surfacing the indoor tennis courts, such issues are not common in the outdoor courts. The outside conditions such as bad weather and UV rays are not a concern in an indoor tennis court, but issues that can be there in it can create havoc. This is why it is essential to hire an expert who provides resurfacing services.

Tennis court resurfacing is necessary from time to time and you should hire a professional to do this job. It will also make your playing experience much better and you will be able to maintain the court for many long years.

Poor ventilation If the ventilation is poor and there is a cooler outside then the temperature can create problems because of the rain that comes onto the court. If the temperature inside gets warmer and the ceiling is also cool from the outer temperatures, then the moisture can dip in the cured surface and create blemishes.

How to prevent it?It is possible to prevent these issues by turning on the air conditioning or heater systems as it will help in drawing the humidity from the air. The best thing that you can do is open the available windows, doors, and vents so that moisture can find a way out. The use of industrial fans is also good. You can rent a fan for circulating the air and to put the moisture out.

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